School Front

About Our School Hadleigh Community Primary School offers places to children from 3 to 11 years from Hadleigh, Layham and parts of Lower Raydon. The school has a purpose-built Nursery Class on site. (For admission arrangements and further information regarding the Nursery, please contact the school office).

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School Field

urispas price originate The original school was built in 1904 and over the years a variety of buildings have been added. This gives us the benefit of modern facilities within a building of unique character.

levitra cost in india clarify We are fortunate in having extensive, attractive, fully-landscaped and secure grounds. These include three playground areas, a garden area, a pond, an environmental area, an outdoor classroom and a large grassed field.

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conduct The whole site is surrounded by mature trees and there is a small wood. A car park, specifically provided for those pupils with disabilities, allows wheelchair access to the whole site.

We believe our children learn best when they:

  • Feel valued.
  • Are in a secure and happy environment.
  • Are able to achieve success.
  • Are able to co-operate with, and display mutual respect and sensitivity towards all those around them regardless of their race, gender, creed or ability.
  • See a purpose for learning.
  • Enjoy trust and independence.
  • Base their knowledge on practical experience.
  • Have their work matched to their age, abilities and stage of learning.
HCPS Flower organize albendazole price Our purpose is to nurture a love of learning and develop skills for the future in a community where everyone is valued and able to succeed.